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A pattern appears in smoke renders: How to fix?
1) Quality 9 is 2 much for a Sim for nothing ( almost).. ur Loosing Sim time.. I suggest to not pass 6 .. 5 and less for testing..you wont see much difference in the movement !

2) the lines that your seeing in the Rendering is mainly due to the Rendering and simming density you are using.. So whats really important is your Rendering Parameters..
Jitter Added will help you for cleaning out that effect a bit ..but most importantly density on rendering should help it out and\or soften Edges checked in your Obj\Src tab..

3) keep the advection strides to 0.5 , i dont think it does what you think it does..

Some good rendering tips are explained already here http://3dplanet.de/cgfluids/viewtopic.php?t=479

Doing High Density Smoke with Huge Details in Fume fx is ( Building Collapsing Pyroclastic Type ( whatever its called) ) , i think , the hardest Challenge atm ..

hope that helps ,
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