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A pattern appears in smoke renders: How to fix?
We purchased fumefx as a solution to a long time hassle with creating billowing exhaust and steam clouds from rocket launches. We have spent the last couple days setting up and tweaking the smoke with mixed results. We were able to get the shape we want of the smoke, but had a lot of trouble getting small details without getting this pattern to appear. Can anyone suggest what we are doing wrong for such a pattern to appear? I'll list some settings:
Width: 980
Adaptive: on
Sensitivity: .1

Quality 9
Max Iterations 100
Simulation steps 1
Advection Stride .75
Time Scale 1

Nurbulent Noise--
Scale:1.5 Detail:1

Dissipation Min Dens. 0
Dissipation Strength 0
Diffustion 1

Dissipation Min Temp: .1
Dissipation Strength 5.79
Difusion 0

Attached should be an example of the problem.
Also we are wondering if anyone can point us to a reference that explains the each of the most important settings do?
Mostly the top few in Simulation.
[complain] It's really hard to tweak settings when you barely know what they do and that is probably based off false assumtions. The tutorial videos were of little help: it was almost like listening to a coded msg and you had to pull clues out of it to help you because it didn't deliberatly give any information. "Advectioin Stride to .1, Time Scale to uh.. 4, Now animate turbulence like so.." I wish it was like "Advection Stride to .1, the range of Advection stride is 0 to 9999 and it effects your simulation like this and that." It's only by trial and error of each option to you know if the range is from 0 to 9999 or 0 to 1 and then trying to gather what each does exactly is harder. [/complain]

Thanks for your help! Really we are getting super close, just this pattern needs to be fixed. Well for stills.. Haven't checked the animation that rendered last night.

Benjamin Schweighart

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