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FumeFX 5.0 beta 5
sitnisati Wrote:
GeordiePigeonOwner Wrote:
sitnisati Wrote:The OS X issues been solved. It took us more than expected thanks to bugs in their compiler.


Kresimir Tkalcec

any ETA?

We never had any forced ETAs as we want to fix all the important known issues before the release.
In the development process, we can encounter bugs at any point that would delay the realease.

However, at this point there are no issues that we're aware of, but we'll perform more tests until the end of the week as we'll see then.

Thank you.

I write software for a living so I wasn't going to try to hold you to any specific date but a finger in the air of somewhere between today and before Star Citizen was all I was after.

we'll see about next week seems fair enough.

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