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Create a Key Frame for every attribute
Is it possible to easily create a key frame for every keyable parameter in an AfterBurn?

You might do that via max script by going through all properties and creating a key.
What is your intention by doing this. Maybe we can help ?


It is because set key doesn't seem to work with afterburn. When you create a new key frame with autokey enabled the initial key is created at frame 0.

Say you have some existing animation going from frame 0-100 and you want to animate some different properties that are not yet animated from 100-200 when you create the new keys the initial key is created at 0 and you have to manually move it to 100. I'm not aware of a way to change this behaviour in max so i thought if you could just create a key for everything in the afterburn effect at an arbitrary point that might be a slight work around if not ideal. Ultimately some implimination of set key for afterburn would be useful, please correct me if I have just missed the correct way of doing this!
Hello Paul,

I'm affraid, but that's how 3ds max works. First key is created at frame 0, because system assumes that you're changing value at frame X, and everything in between is intertpolated. You could chage value at frame 0 to the value you're going to set in frame X, and you won't need to slide keys.



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