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Startup Problems
When I start3DS Max 2021, I am getting the following error, "Unable to write to FumeFX.ini. Global preferences cannot be saved."

After clicking OK, it then pops up another message that states,

"Could not open file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2021\plugins\Afterworks\FumeFX.ini for writing. Global preferences will not be saved."

I saw a much older version of this same problem here in the forums, but the images provided to change settings are no longer available. Can someone help with this issue? Thanks!

FumeFX.ini file should be located in the folder [your 3ds Max]\Plugins\Afterworks\FumeFX

If your FumeFX.ini is there then please change FumeFX.ini properties like on the image below.
You will need to do that with administrator privileges.


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