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Mesh inconsistency velocity will be 0 ?
Hey guys,

Im using a cached Pflow (tried both with the mesher and Xmesh saver) and during the simulation i get error messages "The mesh is inconsistent and velocity will be 0 (zero)". Why is that happening? Result it seems that that Cached pflow has no influence on the Fumefx sim, no collision, nothing. ANy reason for that? I have zero doubt that velocity was cached with the paticle flow system and within the Xmesh saved cached, and it has 4 subsamples wchi is more than i use in the FumeFX sim anyway.

Any help is welcome.



Collision objects were broken in 4.0.6 and we have fixed it and re-uploaded installers.
As for the incosistent mesh, it means that mesh changes topology and it cannot be determined what is velocity of each face.

Kresimir Tkalcec
THanks Kresimir,

I'll update now, i'm running 3.5.1 still. Hopefully that will resolve some issues.

And yes the topology of my Pflow changes, as it creates / spawns new particles all along. But there is a velocity info cached with the geometry. The Xmesh loader offers several loading mode:
- frame velocity offset
- nearest frame velocity offset
- Subframe velocity offset
- frame interpolation
- subframe interpolation

Would any of those suit the FUmeFX sim better than an other?

For the effects i'm trying to achieve it's rather important to have those particles pushing through my clouds of smoke. Any tip?


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