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field3D and a little bug
hi all!

i'v tried to load F3D file from Realflow and it crash 3ds max immediately , any workflow to load this file from realflow mist?

for the bug when i reduce the ffx ui it's go wrong see the image

and thanks in advance

Can you please let me know what FumeFX version do you use ?
Also, if you could please post a few RF .f3d caches so that we can debug it?

Thank you.

Kresimir Tkalcec
thanks for reply Smile

i was using the last version 3.5.4 but found some bug on it Flickering is back and the bug that i did show you before and crashing when loading f3d file , now i did roll back to 3.5.3 , i can load filed 3d but nothing happen it's an empty grid

i did upload the whole files here :

The point us that FumeFX shouldn't crash when you try to load it, but with FumeFX 3.x you cannot load external caches anyway.
We'll work on this for the next release.

Thank you.


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