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Big Feature Request and bug list!!!
I'll just add this to the list:
A Turbulence Noise visualisation gizmo in the viewport. I was thinking about something you already do for visualising velocities so:
[Image: CurlNoise_2.jpg]

Currently knowing how turbulence will work is trail and error process. Tiny 2d window tells a user absolutely nothing about the shape and scale of the noise.

Also, small floating tooltip window for every parameter when mouse hovers over it would be a nice addition. One has to jump between documentation and FumeFX dialog all the time. Few words of explanation on each param could ease the pain for new users. Tooltips, I can imagine, could be disabled in the preferences.
Senior VFX Artist @ Foundry 42 UK

You have an option "Show Turbulence" that will display turbulence vesctors inside the grid.
As for the documentation, there is really no substitute for reading the manuals first and understand the tool.
Tooltips are just small reminders and we have started adding them.

Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec
I absolutely agree that documentation will always be more informative. It's just that sometimes I forget which param works in world space, which is rel to spacing etc. Tooltips would solve it. But since they are in Fumefx 5 I guess the problem is solved Smile

In terms of forces - I think the reason I thought it is not implemented is because length of Turbulence lines is dependent on XYZ Turbulence param in the floating dialog. If my Turbulence strength is very low (0.1 for example) I can barely see anything. Scaling option doesn't exist so I have to bump the value to see what's going on and ramp it down before the sim. Unless I am missing something?
Senior VFX Artist @ Foundry 42 UK

Not all parameters in FumeFX 5.0 have tooltips yet, but we'll keep adding those.

The turbulence vector lenght can be changed with Velocities Scale multiplier as shown on the image attached.
It might be useful if we add color gradation similar to other velocities display.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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