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Wind Tunnel effect - ddustin - 08-22-2009

We need to simulate a wind tunnel effect.

1. We need the smoke to emit from a very small tube .5" (12.7mm).
2. When we try to use a simple source, we cannot get it to emit at any diameter smaller than 6" (152mm), we are using a cylinder.
3. There is wind in the scene.
4. We need the wind to interact with certain objects in the scene, similar to how it would in a wind tunnel.
5. We are using Max 2009.

There is proably more information required to get help, so feel free and I can provide anything you need (except details of the product being tested).

Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Wind Tunnel effect - Rif - 09-11-2009

Sounds to me like you need a titgher grid to emit thinner smoke emition ..