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Opacity Texture Maps - AdWalker - 08-25-2008

Hi all.

First, is rendering opacity texture maps on objects inside and behind the fume fire supported by Fume?

I have burning leaves which are simply planes with a texture and opacity map.
When they burn you can clearly see the rectangle shape of the plane.
While the leaf renders fine on its own, when the fire is on it the opacity area is only partiality transparent.

Am I doing something wrong here? As far as I can tell I have all appropriate "use atmospheric" boxes checked.

Thanks for any help.

Re: Opacity Texture Maps - joescarr - 08-26-2008

we're using finalRender & Vray and see it in both...

maybe use some render elements to resolve it...

but yeah, it'd be nice to have a pure render... probably an atmospheric/clipping issue with Max?

Re: Opacity Texture Maps - sitnisati - 08-26-2008


I have reported this as a bug and will check what is going on.
Thank you for reporting it.