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what is this dot? - kensuke_yamamoto - 03-18-2008

I have ploblem

[Image: cloud000.png]
max2008 and max9
Octane shader
afterburn 4

[Image: cloud001.png]
close up of upper image

[Image: cloud002.png]
a lot of dots apparance in this image. Sad Sad Sad

Re: what is this dot? - Bandu - 03-18-2008

You rendering the particles?

Re: what is this dot? - Filip Kaczorek - 03-18-2008

No the particles size is 0.
I've got max 2008 64 bit and your scene renders without these dots.
I think there is a bug in the 32bit version and there already is a thread on it in the forum Smile

Re: what is this dot? - kensuke_yamamoto - 03-19-2008

I missed the thread.


Re: what is this dot? - mitchgates - 04-08-2008

Same problem where with AB 4.0 under Max2008 32b when using Octane shader. Happens in Scanline and Vray. I can't seem to find the other thread mentioned...can someone please provide a link?


Re: what is this dot? - sitnisati - 04-09-2008


I'm on this task and will let you know when bug is found.
I apologize for inconvenience.