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Afterburn for another user - emil_vfx - 06-29-2007

Hello everyone.

We have a small problem over here. Since we have one license of AB and it is used by me, now another artist within the company network would like to use the plugin, while I concentrate on other stuff. How can I transfer the plugin license to his machine? There was a similar posting, but it didn't offer any solution!

Thank you for the quick reply!!!


Re: Afterburn for another user - sitnisati - 07-06-2007

Hello Emil,

The fastest way is that you share your license over the network so that another artist can grab it.
There are details about this setup in Progam Files/DCPFLICS/Help - if it is ging to work for you.



Re: Afterburn for another user - emil_vfx - 07-06-2007

Thank you for the reply, Kresimir!

I forwarded it to our administrators. If any difficulties or questions occur, I will contact you! :-)

Best regards