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Tranfering to a new computer - liberator - 05-16-2007


As the title says, I'm trying to install Afterburn on a new computer. Trouble is, I can't authorize it. When I enter my details and serial number on the registration page I get the message:

Quote:Your request was NOT processed. See the information below.

Your authorization code cannot be created.

As I purchased it from Turbosquid, I opened a support ticket with them about it, but that was almost a week ago and I've heard nothing.

I only posted here because I'm not sure what else I can do :?

- liberator - 05-17-2007

Aha, seems someone was listening! Within a few hours of posting the above the VP of publishing at Turbosquid was on the case! Big Grin

Whilst I'm on a roll, any chance of access to the FumeFX files on this site? I've installed and registered it, just waiting for access to the goodies... :lol:

All the best,


- sitnisati - 05-21-2007

Hello Andy,

Do you have access to our members area ?
If not, please fill the form found at the members area login page and email to

Thank you,