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"Create Image Channels" crashe Max9 - ddiener - 02-09-2007

Like in the Headline.
I can reproduce it this way:
-empty scene
-add an Afterburn-Atmospheric
-choose the "AfterburnRenderer" and check "create image channels"
-hit render
Result: an Assertion Error dialog pops up an tells me about an error "In file:'.\AfterBurn-Rend.cpp' -> Line: 446"

I have now the options "Continue" or "Try to Save & Quit".
Clicking "Continue" (with checked "Don´t show me this error again") chrashes Max to the Error-report-Tool.

May be a helpful additional information: Often when i render with Afterburn active i get a similar AssertionError, pointing to a file (i can´t remember exactlySmile "D:/Max6/SDK/include/Point3.???". I know the path is something with "Max6" (i have Max9) and the file is named "point3.???" (not sure about the extension)

It is a big problem. At the Moment i´m using Afterburn in a TV-production - and would need some channels. :roll: