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FumeFX 5 release - sitnisati - 12-17-2019

Today we have released the FumeFX™ 5.0 for Maxon's® Cinema 4D®. We're happy to become a part of the Cinema 4D community.
Thank you everyone for all your support during beta testing!

Best regards,

Kresimir Tkalcec
Sitni Sati CEO

Re: FumeFX 5 release - GeordiePigeonOwner - 12-17-2019

wahoo got my copy

Quick question:

I'm currently on holiday and have a laptop with me.

Am I able to activate on this lap top and then when I get home take the licence off this laptop and transfer the licence to my main work station

Re: FumeFX 5 release - sitnisati - 12-18-2019

I've sent you an email about this.

Re: FumeFX 5 release - GeordiePigeonOwner - 12-18-2019

I got it. thanks.

Re: FumeFX 5 release - snakeeater058 - 01-11-2020

Will it work on Windows 7 64-bit?

RE: FumeFX 5 release - gtafan - 09-04-2022

will be fumefx 6 for c4d too with all node system ?

RE: FumeFX 5 release - Kresimir Tkalcec - 09-04-2022


Windows10 is a minimum requirement for FumeFX 6.
The whole NodeWorks will be available for FumeFX 6 Cinema4D.