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Output Preview - BaldEagle - 03-22-2018

Really weird. I'm simulating a particular scene where the particles are rising from the 0,0 point. In the preview window, instead of rising, particles descend from the top. But it renders ok. It's only evident in this one scene. I deleted the FFX rig and reopened a new one. But the preview still shows particles descending from the top instead of from the bottom. Any ideas why this is happening?

Re: Output Preview - BaldEagle - 03-22-2018

Still even weirder. After posting the last message, I went back and re-simulated the scene and the particles are moving upward as they are supposed to. So, no problems after all.

Re: Output Preview - sitnisati - 03-23-2018


Was is maybe related to the camera or you've seen it from the perspective viewport as well?

Kresimir Tkalcec

Re: Output Preview - BaldEagle - 03-27-2018

Not from camera