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fumefx ini file locked - jbutler - 03-06-2018


I always get this error where, when I go to network render ( max 2018, win 10 ), it says it cannot write to the fumeFX.ini file.

I've jsust installed fume 4, but this thing used to always happen in the past. Any way to fix it?

I know it nust be a windows permissions thing, but I use lots of other plugins, and only fumefx does this.

I'm attaching screenshots of the error message

Re: fumefx ini file locked - MarcA - 03-06-2018

This is a windows permission thing, just unlock the file permissions for all users (read and write), then it's fine Smile

Re: fumefx ini file locked - sitnisati - 03-07-2018


Please change the file permissions as follows:

Kresimir Tkalcec