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TP export with FFX - lexovy - 03-23-2017

Hi all ! Smile

First of all sorry if my english seems not correct but I'll do my best.

Currently I'm on 3dsmax 2017, TP version 6.4.91.

Here is the situation. I'm using a VolumeBreaker node to break my geo over time so it does not break at the same time. I'm trying to export the TP group of the geo breaking overtime, through Alembic because I would like parts of geo to collide with Fumefx. But for some reasons when I assign the ABC_Objects to fumefx and sim it, FFX says Building Voxel ERROR - Code 0 for some of the geos, I then tried with Xmesh, I get inconsistent mesh, velocity turn to 0.0.

I made some test to recreate that issue and realized that Xmesh don't like topology changes over time, It's better to get a consistent break for Alembic and XMesh. I then tried to make the geo break instantly and it works just great.
I know that it can be done with some ajustements but don't know exactly wich ones.

Here's there someone who had this issue and found a way to make it work with Alembic and XMesh ? Is there a thing that I'm missing ?

Thank you so much for your help and time.

EDIT : I found what error 0 was, it's related to the fact that the geo assign to fumefx is hiden or not physicaly there, from the test I made. So no big deal there ! Smile But still trying to find for XMesh