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Using Effectors to colour a fire sim - Hughj - 09-29-2016


I'm trying to apply color to a fire simulation by using an effector. I am getting some colour to appear in the grid from the effector, but I'm not sure I'm applying it correctly.

In the effector I have a gradient ramp in the colour tab, and the input is set to Fire. I'm not sure which values I need to enter as the Min and Max Range for the input, so I'm running a sim and adjusting the Display Threshold to see what the maximum value is, which I then enter into the Range Max. This isn't a very accurate method though.

Is there a way I can apply the values of the gradient ramp to what are the correct Min and Max of the fire voxels?

I've attached a screengrab showing the problem.

Re: Using Effectors to colour a fire sim - Hughj - 10-06-2016

I'm guessing this isn't possible to do.

I've run a few tests and I can't match the simulated grid based colour to the output if using the usual gradient slot in the rendering tab.

The results can look similar but it doesn't seem possible to match the intensity.

Re: Using Effectors to colour a fire sim - Hughj - 10-07-2016

So this may explain more what I'm trying to do.

I have some reference I need to match of a flamethrower. The initial flame colour for the flame is blue, and then the flames turn orange.

I've been able to get the blue colour into the fire sim using effectors, but I can't get the orange fire colour to match the result you'd get using Gradient/Fire as the colour source.

Has anyone got any ideas on which settings I need to enter into the effector to match the usual output when using Gradient/Fire as the colour source?

I've attached 2 images, one showing the result using the grid colour, and one using Gradient/Fire.

I've also attached an image showing the current settings for the effector